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If you are interested in purchasing one of Sue's books... 'Hints and Tips for the Trial Field'
please contact Sue:

This is an 80 page pocket book with a soft cover. 

£7.99 ea  + P&P

This is a brief guide to etequette, protocol and handling on the trial field.

To venture onto a trial field, is in its self, a daunting prospect with questions like: 'Can I take my dog to the post on a lead?' 'When can I leave the post to go into the ring to shed?' and so many more?

I have tried to answer some of these questions in a practical way while encouraging an awareness and understanding of a few of the ISDS Rules by simplifying and clarifying them as I perceive them.

It is hoped that this book will be useful as a reference and a guide for not only those just starting to trial but also for the seasoned trialler.

Sue Main

The book may also be purchased from the ISDS shop